Ionic Framework - How to clear history with reload page on login logout

While working with my Hybrid Mobile Application with Ionic framework, often I need to clear navigation history and redirect users to Login page. Also needs to make sure, On login and logout I need to reload the page, in order to refresh the data, however, $state.go(‘homePage’) takes the user back to the view without reloading - the controller behind it is not called.

The routing in Ionic is powered by ui-router AngularJS module.


There are couple of ways to solve this problem.

This will just reload the state

$state.go($state.current, {}, {reload: true});

This will actually reload the page


Using any of those solution will fix your problem.

Earn extra income by making Android/IOS Apps while doing your regular Job

In today’s competitive world, earning income through the internet is becoming very hard. Still, if you’re working as a software engineer or Team leader or with any other position and believe that your job is not paying you off what you want, you’re missing pretty important aspect of earning extra income through the internet.

You can earn money by making Android/IOS apps - Whatever you feel comfortable with. The question comes in your mind is that, How can I become Android or IOS developer even if I don’t know actual native Android Application Development or IOS Application Development.

Well, the answer is Hybrid Mobile Application Development. The main prerequisite is that you need to have knowledge of basic HTML/CSS along with client-side Javascript application like AnguarJS (Specific for Ionic Mobile Application Development). Now it’s just a matter of learning AngularJS if you don’t know about it. Rest is real HTML/CSS.

There are many advantages of started your career as a part-time Hybrid Mobile Application Developer. Few of them are stated as following.

Points to be noted while working on your own App

  • Complete control over your likes and dislikes, you can create whatever you want and with your point of views
  • By monetizing your apps, you can earn extra incomes
  • If your idea runs well in App marketplace, you may get pretty decent income as much as your current salary
  • You can choose your App Ideas as per your wish (I’ll let you know how to decide the concept later on post.)

This is a part series about, Hybrid Mobile Application Development. More parts are coming soon…

  • Which frameworks to consider
  • How to find Niche
  • How to select your App Topic
  • How to get App Assets
  • Where to store data and webservices
  • How to promote your App

References to follow for further analysis

Tools I use on daily basis

While working with my different projects, I’m using a lot of different tools to improve my productivity. Most of them are listed below so you can get to know diffent tools if you haven’t used them.